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James E interviews - Joy McNaughton

August 24, 2021

James E chats to Joy McNaughten, mother of Olympic Champion swimmer Duncan Scott about the making of a champion, the cost and the frustrations of the lack of media coverage for a sport in which Scotland excels.
Scots are 8% of the Uk population yet make up 14% of the British Olympic Team, 21% of the Olympic swimming team and achieved 25% of the medals. Yet the sport barely gets any coverage in mainstream media.
Next on the sporting calendar is the International Swimming League which you can follow on youtube 
and next year will be another busy year with European Championships and Commonwealth Games.
You can find out more about the Scottish Swimming team here

Duncan Scott is the ONLY British Olympian to win 4 medals in a single games and he is still only 24 . 
He is also an ambassador for the Learn to Swim programme - an essential life skill for Scottish children in a country with 90% of the UK's fresh water supply. Find out more here

We are grateful to Joy for joining us to help promote Scottish sport and once again, our congratulations to Duncan and all those who took part in the Olympic Games 2021.

#DuncanScott #ScottishSports #Olympics2021

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