14a Origin of Scotland The Brand. Food and drink labelling. Protection of the quality of food in Scotland. Security and confidence of our food supply ...View Details

John Nicolson    Early years, Glasgow University, Debating, Harvard University, Speech writer for US Senator, Working for the BBC, Breaking the news...View Details

Victoria and Drew discuss a wide range of topics including : What does Fit for Work' mean in UK? Britain's attitude to Medicinal Cannabis.  Westminst...View Details

Victoria discusses her experiences of the American Healthcare System.   You can follow Victoria on twitter @Indyref25

The Wee Ginger Dug Election Special. Ray chats with Paul about the EU Election Results.

Guests: Colin Fox SSP Kaukab Stewart  SNP WG Saraband , New Scot from Portugal

Robin discusses stories and slogans from Better Together , Vote Leave And from the Independence movement.  Do you remember 'Take Back Control'? What ...View Details

With Guests Pat Lee and Raimond Dijkstra of Netherlands Rally For Scottish Independence.Pat was also the Organiser of the BBC Bias Protests.

1) Emma Cockburn from Scottish CND 2) Ailsa Connel from Navy Not Nuclear.

Monday, 20 May 2019  IndyPram PodCast

#1 Chat with Manny Singh prior to the start of the AUOB Glasgow event and talking about the preparation, plan...View Details

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