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Commonweal policy podcast #97 - Thinking outwith the box

August 22, 2021

In the week collectively known across Scotland as "GERSmas", when the estimated accounts of Scotland as an administrative region of the UK are published,  Dr Craig Dalzell urges us to think outwith the box.  

This week, Craig talks to SNP Policy Development Convenor Chris Hanlon and Agnes MacAuley from SNP Greenock & Inverclyde about the latest GERS figures and what they mean (and don’t mean) for Scotland, independence and the post-pandemic recovery. They then discuss up and coming motions to the SNP conference that have been influenced by or based on Common Weal policies including one for a National Transport Company designed to help decarbonise our cars and other vehicles. Finally, they discuss the role of non-party think tanks in Scottish politics and what they can do that party affiliated policy groups cannot.

You can find out more about Commonweal, including access to all the policy papers in their policy library on their website



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