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SCOTONOMICS EP.5 Measuring the economy

August 19, 2021

How should we measure the success of an economy? What do GDP and GNP tell us anyway? And more importantly what doesn't it tell us about the economy? In this episode, we will look at how we measure the economy in the UK as a whole and in Scotland. We will also take a side look at GERS (Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland) as well.

0:00 GDP explained introduction
2:18 GDP goes up when people pollute!
5:00 BREXIT and Inequality
9:00 GDP across the country and across society
10:22 Geni Coefficient
14:00 Happiness measurement of an economy
18:00 Relative wealth and relative poverty
21:50 Are teenagers less materialistic?
25:30 Growth as THE driver for our economy
31:50 GERS - how we currently measure the Scottish economy
37:50 What Kairin picked out from the interview
42:15 What is happening in episode six 


Robert Kennedy's brilliant speech on GDP:

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