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SCOTONOMICS Ep Six. Food Sovereignty

September 15, 2021

William Thomson and Kairin van Sweeden talk to Mike Small, Editor of Bella Caledonia and Author of "Scotland's Local Food Revolution" about Scotland's food security and food sovereignty.

00:12 Scotland has such huge food resources so why are we not food sovereign?
00:58 Obstacles to food sovereignty in Scotland
02:02 How do we improve matters -  and the "Fife diet"
03:23 A need for more connection between farmers and the community in Scotland
04:25 Breaking down food sovereignty
06:00 The impact of the IPCC report and the opportunity to do things differently
06:57 Can we really double the size of the Scottish Food and Drink industry in Scotland?
08:30 Export powerhouse Scotland can't square the circle with net-zero Scotland
09.25 Can Scotland really have food sovereignty without independence?
11:00 The hugely negative role and impact of supermarkets in Scotland
13:00 The need for more connections between farmers and the community in Scotland (part two)
14:00 We have an artificial food chain
14:45 The link between provenance and carbon
15:20 How we build more food sovereignty
16:10 Mike's book Scotland's Local Food Revolution Book
17:45 How do we confront landed power?
19:25 BREXIT and COVID have highlighted Scotland's lack of food resilience and lack of food sovereignty.

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